Food Writing

When I am not busy in the kitchen or classroom,
you can find me at my computer, reading and writing about food. Not only a food blogger, I also regularly work in print media. I published my first article in EAT Magazine in 2003, and currently write the food column for Boulevard Magazine.

My writings convey my passion for food and cooking. They celebrate the thrill of chasing down a new ingredient, the joy of a lovingly shared recipe, or the simple pleasure of good eating. May you find many cooking tips, recipes of interest, and hours of reading enjoyment in the following articles.

Heidi Fink’s Published Food Articles

Veggie Pizzazz October/November 2016

Unsung heroes of the food world make holiday sides sizzle.

Taste of the Sun Aug/Sept 2016

A simple Moroccan-inspired picnic menu - taking advantage of the warm evenings of late summer and our abundance of local produce.

Berry Delicious June/July 2016

I cook a whole meal using fresh local berries in every dish.

Salads for the Soul Apr/May 2016

Early Spring can be the best of times and the worst of times for fresh salads. Join me in exploring local greens, shoot, herbs, and overwintering vegetables, all enhanced with an array of my favourite vinaigrettes.

The Spice of Life Feb/Mar 2016

Warm up Winter with Fiery Curry (and proper technique!)

Host Your Own Appetizer Party Nov/Dec 2013

Re-Inventing Holiday Appetizers with No-Borders Sandwiches. Because I have no desire to stuff a grape and no time to roll teensy pastry triangles.

Lard Times Jan/Feb 2010

I can’t get enough of that heart-healthy homemade lard. (I’m serious).

A Cook’s Guide to Victoria’s Chinatown Jan/Feb 2008

In honour of our Chinatown’s 150 years, I offer up my extensive knowledge of Asian ingredients.

Heidi’s Holiday Survival Guide Nov/Dec 2006

Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Christmas debacle.

The Heritage Fund July/Aug 2006

Delving into family heritage for recipe gems and fond memories.

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Breathing New Life into Pasta March/April 2006

Yes, I give your Wednesday night dinner a make-over, face-lift, and tummy-tuck.

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Soup Without Recipes Jan/Feb 2006

Almost like a written cooking class, this article will have you cooking vegetarian soup like a pro.

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Heidi Fink's Merry Cookie-Making Nov/Dec 2004

A Collection of my family's best and worst.

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A Soup with a Thousand Faces Sept/Oct 2004

The search for authentic borscht. My summer of urgent research pays off – or does it?

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Polenta on the Board May/June 2004

How Italians play with their food.

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How to Curry Flavour Jan/Feb 2004

My passion for Indian flavours gets a published outlet.

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Learning to Love Fruitcake Nov?Dec 2003

I make converts out of even the most determined fruitcake haters.

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True Preservation Sept/Oct 2003

Preserving the harvest.

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Cooking With Tea July/Aug 2003

Is cooking with tea a passing fad, or here to stay? Find answers, details and how-tos in this fascinating read.

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The Beauty of Lard May/June 2003

Lard makes the best pie crust, but can I find chemical free lard in Victoria? The hunt is on!

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