Baking Classes

Get your hands in the dough! In my baking classes, you will discover the reasons WHY. Share in the excitement of how understanding a few basic principles can transform your home baking. Tips, tricks, fail-proof recipes, and the reasons why your Grandmother mixed, kneaded and baked things the way she did. Take home inspiration, confidence, and goodies to share.

Holiday Treats: Online

This fun baking class will be a happy haven from holiday stress. Share in the excitement once you understand a few basic principles that can transform your home baking. We will have time to make two recipes in this live online class, but I will include additional recipes in the handout. My fail-proof recipes cover the range - everything from homemade cinnamon buns and biscotti to chocolate treats and holiday classics. During class, there will be time for questions, troubleshooting, equipment review, as well as valuable information on getting the best from your favourite family recipes. End the class with inspiration, confidence, and goodies to share. This live online class comes with a recipe handout, shopping list, equipment list, and recording of the class to review.
Recipes during class: Gingerbread Biscotti and Chocolate Cinnamon Rugelach (mini crescent pastries)

Hands On

Digital Kitchen/BBQ Thermometer with Magnet and Clock Timer

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Bench and baking scraper, set of three

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