Baking Classes

Get your hands in the dough! In my baking classes, you will discover the reasons WHY. Share in the excitement of how understanding a few basic principles can transform your home baking. Tips, tricks, fail-proof recipes, and the reasons why your Grandmother mixed, kneaded and baked things the way she did. Take home inspiration, confidence, and goodies to share.

Pie-Making 101: Online

Daunted by pastry? Frustrated by repeated pie failures? Join this fun, informative, online cooking class, where I will guide you through the step-by-step process of making pie. Eliminate the frustration and learn to love pie-making with my down-to-earth, straightforward tips and techniques. The class will focus on a basic fruit galette (the easiest of the pie family), but will also cover the essentials of double crust pies, and more. Each participant will make their very own fruit galette from start to finish . Choose to make your pie either with butter, lard, shortening, or vegan baking sticks. “Easy as pie”! This live online class comes with a recipe handout, shopping list, equipment list, and recording of the class to review.

Hands On

Digital Kitchen/BBQ Thermometer with Magnet and Clock Timer

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Asian Ingredients: A Guide

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bench scraper

Bench and baking scraper, set of three

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