Meet Chef Heidi Fink

Heidi Fink, a Red Seal Chef and an award-winning cooking instructor, has been teaching cooking classes in Victoria, BC, since 1999. Her fresh recipes, down-to-earth teaching style, and many cooking tips ensure that her students leave class with the confidence and enthusiasm they need to cook delicious food at home.

Previously Executive Chef of the renowned ReBar Modern Food restaurant in Victoria, Heidi now spreads her cooking knowledge and enthusiasm through her classes, culinary tours, and food articles. Her cooking classes and blog have both won multiple local awards for her contribution to culinary education on Vancouver Island. When not working on her business, she works as an instructional assistant in the Professional Cook Program of Camosun College.

"Cooking with Heidi = Wow! Before I started taking Heidi’s classes, I never knew how to pick out a fresh coconut, or which brand of chicken stock to buy, and I had no idea which ethnic ingredients were ok to buy frozen or dried. And I could take a bath in the balsamic vinegar that Heidi has told us about! Heidi seems to be able to teach eight different things at once and yet still answer your questions and offer tastes and smells of exotica. She will even stop to share a tip on how to get young kids to eat kale! In her classes, you really get caught up in her never-ending love of cooking. I know that you can take all kinds of fancy cooking classes through special gourmet cooking shops in other parts of the world, but why bother when Heidi provides so much just in your own back yard? I’m hooked!"

Doreen Sutherland, Victoria, BC

That’s the Official Bio for Professional Purposes.
Less officially, I am a mother of two, a lover of all kinds of foods, and a fitness enthusiast. I adore living on the west coast of British Columbia. The beauty of this place, our home, hits me bone-deep. My love for this place is not limited to its oceans, mountains, and tall trees; I love the people, the fertile fields, and abundant farmstands just as much.  Our food and farming community here is strong and it is inclusive. I am thrilled that I have been able to contribute to our community, even in a small way, for over 20 years.

I have been a longtime supporter of local food systems and sustainable agriculture here on Vancouver Island. I put my money where my heart is: I buy ethically raised meats, sustainable agricultural products, and locally-produced food for both my family and my business.

My proudest professional accomplishments to date are in helping people find their joy in the kitchen.
I am of course, proud of this: that in 2011, I was awarded the Foodie’s Foodie award at the EAT Magazine Exceptional Eats Food & Drink Awards for my contribution to food education in the city of Victoria. But my pride in this award comes because it was a popular vote, decided by the many enthusiastic cooks in this city. Thank you.

I still live in Victoria, BC, close to the ocean, with my two growing sons, who (thankfully!) no longer find Thai food too spicy.