Chef Heidi’s Classes

Since 1999, Chef Heidi Fink has been teaching top-quality cooking courses in a variety of locations in and around Victoria, BC.

Her approachable teaching style, clear instruction, and easy-to-follow gourmet recipes have earned her loyal following on Vancouver Island. All the recipes in Heidi’s cooking classes are made with the freshest food and most authentic ingredients.

Browse all of Chef Heidi’s cooking classes, or visit her schedule page to see which classes are currently being offered.

"I was unaware of the fabulous food options available in Victoria’s Chinatown until I participated in one of Chef Heidi Fink’s culinary tours. She labeled unfamiliar vegetables and mystery packages, sharing hot tips about food prep along the way. Sampling opportunities took the guess work out of a few prepared food items, and the wealth of information shared verbally was supplemented by her fact-packed handout. This tour would be on my “highly recommended” list for anyone who is looking for unique ingredients at great prices! It is a wonderful addition to her outstanding ethnic food cooking classes."

Myrna M. Fisher, Sidney, BC


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