Chef Heidi’s Classes

Since 1999, Chef Heidi Fink has been teaching top-quality cooking courses in a variety of locations in and around Victoria, BC.

Her approachable teaching style, clear instruction, and easy-to-follow gourmet recipes have earned her loyal following on Vancouver Island. All the recipes in Heidi’s cooking classes are made with the freshest food and most authentic ingredients.

Browse all of Chef Heidi’s cooking classes, or visit her schedule page to see which classes are currently being offered.

"Heidi’s tour was the first time I have spent any time in the Chinatown shops and I definitely felt like I was exploring, but with having a hands-on expert right there! She was extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Asian food. There was not one question that she could not answer, often going into some depth in order to provide more than just a simple answer. The knowledge she so readily imparts makes her teaching very enjoyable. She doesn’t guard chef ‘secrets’; she seems happy to share all that she knows and can impart."

Collette C., Saanich, BC


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