Tandoori Chicken

Local Seasonal Cooking Classes

My seasonal and local food cooking classes will satisfy the needs of both knowledgeable Vancouver Island locavores and cooks new to the concept of eating locally. With a focus on fresh, seasonal, local, sustainable ingredients, and delicious, unpretentious recipes, these cooking classes are a cut above the rest.

Local Harvest

Discover the bounty of our Islands! Through a combination of hands-on cooking and discussion, we will learn to cook with the seasons and find the best that our Island has to offer. From the best places to find locally-raised meats and seasonal produce, to small farm gems and luxury products, learn about the wonderful variety of local food products available to us. Take home recipes and detailed information on the wheres, hows and whys of purchasing local food. Full and varied menu changes seasonally.

Hands On

Digital Kitchen/BBQ Thermometer with Magnet and Clock Timer

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Asian Ingredients: A Guide

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bench scraper

Bench and baking scraper, set of three

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