Culinary Tour of Thailand

Join Chef Heidi Fink in a Culinary and Culture Tour of Amazing Thailand!

Through cooking classes, market tours, and visits to cultural monuments, this women’s-only tour is designed for you to experience the delicious national cuisine of Thailand and some of its cultural traditions.



Culinary Tour Dates

  • November 7-17, 2024

$4699 per person

Limited to 12 people per tour.

For detailed information and itinerary visit Niche Women’s Tours

One of the most distinctive cuisines in the global gastronomy map, Thai cooking demonstrates intricacy and attention to texture, colour, and balance in its presentation, and embraces the use of ingredients which have medicinal value as well as good flavour. Traditional Thai cuisine has been heavily influenced by the neighbouring countries with whom it shares an ethnic history as well as the lingering imprint of Western missions, resulting in strong regional variations. Explore some favourites through cooking classes and market tours in Bangkok and Chiang Mai!

We will start our exploration in Bangkok, which is equally famous for its cultural monuments as its vivid street life. We will sample both with a cooking class, market visits and tours of two of the most famous temples. Next, we head north to Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand and now home to some of the most magnificent ruins in SE Asia. Ayutthaya is steeped in centuries of art and culture of which cuisine plays a large part, so we will also enjoy a cooking class with a local chef on board a traditional teak barge while taking in the majestic views of this region. Moving north to Chiang Mai,we will experience the influences of Laos, Burma, Cambodia and Vietnam on northern Thai dishes.

Price per person land only $4,699 CAD based on two sharing and minimum of 10 passengers. (Limited to a maximum of 12). Single supplement $1,799 CAD. Hold your space with a $600 non-refundable deposit.

Not included: Internal flight (approx $200), International airfare, travel insurance, personal expenses, and meals not mentioned in the itinerary.


"Heidi’s tour was the first time I have spent any time in the Chinatown shops and I definitely felt like I was exploring, but with having a hands-on expert right there! She was extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Asian food. There was not one question that she could not answer, often going into some depth in order to provide more than just a simple answer. The knowledge she so readily imparts makes her teaching very enjoyable. She doesn’t guard chef ‘secrets’; she seems happy to share all that she knows and can impart."

Collette C., Saanich, BC


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