Culinary Tours of Chinatown

Discover the wonderful food available in Chinatown’s shops.
Find the best places to buy fresh Thai and Vietnamese ingredients.
Learn how to buy, store, and use unfamiliar produce, sauces, and noodles.
Sample mouth-watering Chinese barbeque and bakery items.

Enjoy a tea tasting at Silk Road Tea Company.
Take home a comprehensive ingredient guide and recipe package.
Gain confidence and inspiration to cook with Asian food at home!


Culinary Tour Dates

  • September 25, 2022 @ no date until further notice due to Covid

$60 per person

Limited to 7 people per tour.

For more info and to register, email:

Are you intimidated by the bewildering array of unfamiliar food for sale in a Chinatown food market? Do you want to learn to cook with these new culinary treasures? How do you make sense of all the different ingredients? Which brands to buy? And what to do with all this great stuff once you get it home?

Chef Heidi Fink’s Culinary Tours of Chinatown will give you the answers to all these questions and more. A food-focused overview of the ways and means through Chinatown’s shops, each walking tour will be a mine of information for beginners and foodies alike. Creating a warm and friendly atmosphere, Heidi will guide you through a variety of stores, provide answers to all your questions, and help take the mystery out of the aisles of unfamiliar ingredients.

As a chef who specializes in world cuisines, Heidi Fink is a veteran of food forays into Chinatown. In the spirit of culinary camaraderie, she offers walking tours that reflect her knowledge and experience, to help others along the way to feeling comfortable with Asian food.


Chinatown Culinary Tour
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"Heidi’s Chinatown Tour is personal, informative and inspiring. I felt like I had been on a micro-holiday. Afterwards, I went straight back to the shops to gather some supplies to feed my refreshed enthusiasm for Asian cooking."

Samantha Allix, Victoria, BC


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