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"Heidi is a marvelous teacher who is interested in food and in her students. Her recipes have incredible depth and layers of flavour. The recipes are explained and demonstrated clearly and Heidi welcomes questions. She is the best cooking instructor I’ve ever had and I look forward to taking many more classes with her."

Suzanne Kazmiruk

Kudos from Students

Heidi’s teaching was wonderful beyond imagination. Her calmness, competence, humor and charm made the experience rewarding in itself. I learned how to chop fresh vegetables correctly and efficiently, and how to quickly and easily do many of the small things I had formerly struggled with. She effortlessly taught both technique and a positive attitude. Sharing the meal and making new friends added even more to the already great experience. Since I live in the States, I have to take a ferry and stay in a hotel for a night in order to take Heidi’s classes, but it is well worth the extra time, money and effort. I recommend ALL of her classes — enroll and enjoy!!

~ Dr. J. Huesemann, Sequim, WA, USA

Cooking with Heidi = Wow! Before I started taking Heidi’s classes, I never knew how to pick out a fresh coconut, or which brand of chicken stock to buy, and I had no idea which ethnic ingredients were ok to buy frozen or dried. And I could take a bath in the balsamic vinegar that Heidi has told us about! Heidi seems to be able to teach eight different things at once and yet still answer your questions and offer tastes and smells of exotica. She will even stop to share a tip on how to get young kids to eat kale! In her classes, you really get caught up in her never-ending love of cooking. I know that you can take all kinds of fancy cooking classes through special gourmet cooking shops in other parts of the world, but why bother when Heidi provides so much just in your own back yard? I’m hooked!

~ Doreen Sutherland, Victoria, BC

I keep the handouts from Heidi’s classes in my recipe stand and refer to them often. In her classes, I really appreciated the excellent organization, the jokes, the tasting and the tidbits of information about local shops and cooking techniques. I always check the new list to see which courses might work for me. I thoroughly recommend these classes.

~ Leona B., Victoria, BC

After my wife took Heidi’s Indian cooking class and ‘experimented’ on me, we were both hooked. We registered for the Thai class and now spend many nights cooking these great dishes for our friends and family. We will be pupils again soon. Thanks Heidi, for helping us to push our cooking boundaries!

~ Rob and Jeanette Delaney, Victoria, BC

I enjoyed Heidi’s friendly and informative dialogue with the students and felt welcome immediately. I especially benefited from her willingly-shared tricks of the trade, including ingredient substitutions and chopping techniques. But the meal was the highlight of the entire evening -it was absolutely sublime! My taste buds experienced true bliss that night thanks to her gastronomic prowess! It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Chef Heidi’s cooking classes. They broaden culinary horizons and delight the palate!

~ S. Rubin, Victoria, BC

Heidi’s classes are awesome! Heidi provides in-depth knowledge of ingredients, the best local sources, and the how and why of a wide range of cooking techniques. From the right way to cut a lime, to the best place in town to buy fresh herbs or exotic spices, Heidi generously shares her professional secrets. Her small, personalized class size allows for student interaction, questions, and a close-up view of the action at the stove! As if this weren’t enough, we get to eat all the amazing food she cooks in class – don’t eat dinner first! Fantastic value, and no wonder her classes fill up within an hour or two of registration opening. I am a “fan for life” (12 classes and many more to come!)

~ Liz Mackay, Victoria, BC

I loved Heidi’s classes! Three years later, I still use her recipes when I want to wow my friends and family with an ethnic feast. The tips she gives in her classes are very practical, and her classes are really fun and enjoyable. Oh, yeah – you also get to enjoy an awesome meal afterwards!

~ Dawn Boudreau, Cold Lake, AB

Heidi is a fantastic teacher. Her warm personality made her students at Tsartlip First Nation feel comfortable right away. Her in-depth knowledge of cooking and her ability to assess each individual’s skill level allows her to teach a multi-level cooking class with many menu options. Heidi can explain any recipe in understandable and manageable steps. The group came away with the skills they had been eager to learn. Best of all, Heidi’s food tastes fantastic! Everyone was impressed and wanted her back.

~ Jen McMullen, Coordinator, HomeGrown Project, Tsartlip First Nation

Heidi is wonderful! In her classes, Heidi provides key tips and details to help you make the kind of dish that everyone just raves about. Her classes have changed my basic approach to a lot of my cooking as well as taught me how to produce some exciting and delicious new dishes. Heidi’s course material is always backed by her excellent knowledge, her interest in nutrition and in the science of baking and cooking, and her comprehensive experience in the field. As well, she values local community produce, sustainable agriculture, and is caring and respectful of other culinary cultural traditions. Every time I leave Heidi’s kitchen it is with a sense that I’ve shared a special evening with an inspired and inspiring chef. “Bon Appetit!” to all who carry on this tradition with Heidi. I, for one, will be back!

~ Bonnie S., Victoria, BC

Heidi’s cooking classes are worth the price for the meal alone. Her wonderful instruction and recipes are like a free bonus. A wonderful way to spend an evening – just like having friends over for dinner.

~ Arlene Chestnut, Victoria, BC

Heidi’s culinary knowledge, creativity and energy make her a wonder to watch in the kitchen. It’s a sensory delight to partake of her creations. After taking only one class, I’m committed to taking all her classes over the next couple years.

~ Carolyn Zyha, Victoria, BC

I enjoyed Heidi’s Thai cooking class very much! I was inspired to buy new ingredients, and explore the world of Thai food. The best part of the class was the eating! Be sure not to eat before you go to class.

~ Lori Schick, Victoria, BC

Delicious food, great company, friendly atmosphere, and hundreds of fantastic recipes and tips! Chef Heidi’s classes are an absolute joy to attend.

~ Kelly Zaharko, Victoria, BC

Heidi has gotten me interested in cooking again. Her classes are fun, informative, and they all end with a gourmet meal. Do something great – take one of Heidi’s classes!

~ Sandy Ibrahim, Victoria, BC

Having attended other cooking classes previously, I found that Heidi’s classes suit me best. Her style is very friendly, relaxed, and encouraging, with a step-by-step, easy-to-understand approach that takes the mystery out of ethnic and/or vegetarian cooking. All phases are clearly demonstrated, allowing students to observe the appearance and smell of the food as preparations proceed. Best of all–at the end of the class a great meal is shared!

~ Gerry R., Victoria, BC

Heidi is a marvelous teacher who is interested in food and in her students. Her recipes have incredible depth and layers of flavour. The recipes are explained and demonstrated clearly and Heidi welcomes questions. She is the best cooking instructor I’ve ever had and I look forward to taking many more classes with her.

~ Suzanne Kazmiruk, Victoria, BC

I took a cooking class from Heidi and not only enjoyed the food we prepared but learned much about the preparation of it. Heidi was very clear in her instructions and passed around the different ingredients used for the items we prepared in that class. She limited the size of the class which made the learning process easier.

~ René Landry, FMA, Victoria, BC

I finally took Heidi’s Indian Vegetarian course after being on her email list for over a year. Now I am a devoted follower! Between the many useful tips she gives, the easy-to-follow recipes, and the delicious meals, this is great value for money. I am feeling much more inspired about cooking and enjoying it that much more. Despite having countless cookbooks, her recipes have become an integral part of my collection.

~ June Wing, Victoria

Chef Heidi Fink in the Media

Browse a collection of a few of my favourite media mentions of the last 10 years. Print articles, blog posts, TV spots - enjoy!

Foodie Friday: Culinary Walking Tours of Chinatown October 2016

A TV spot about my Culinary Tours of Chinatown, with Bruce Williams of CTV

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Sitting Down with Heidi Fink August 2016

In a nutshell, food is something everything else can pivot around.

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Foodie Friday: Culinary School October 2015

Five basic tools get you started in the kitchen. Learn more.

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Foodie Friday Feature March 2015

A TV spot about my Thai Cooking classes.

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9 Things to Buy in Chinatown with Chef Heidi Fink August 2014

Heidi’s tour is very detailed and includes tons of ingredients, but here are a few standouts that deserve a spot in your pantry.

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My Chinatown Tour on TV Feb 2011

Chek news does a feature on my Culinary Walking Tours of Chinatown.

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Times Colonist December 2010

Christmas with a Chef: Four Victoria culinary pros reveal their holiday faves.

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Thrifty’s Chef Spotlight August 2010

Chef Spotlight: Chef Heidi Fink is a strong voice for local food and sustainable agriculture...

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EAT Magazine May/June 2010

Master Cooking Class: An ambitious class delivers a wealth of tips and techniques, as well as a feast.

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Times Colonist: H is for Heidi April 2009

H is for Heidi: Victoria Chef Heidi Fink is a popular cooking instructor.

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Chinatown Culinary Tour Testimonials

Heidi’s Chinatown Tour is personal, informative and inspiring. I felt like I had been on a micro-holiday. Afterwards, I went straight back to the shops to gather some supplies to feed my refreshed enthusiasm for Asian cooking.

~ Samantha Allix, Victoria, BC

If you love Asian cooking, you won’t want to miss Heidi’s Culinary Tours of Chinatown! From the unfamiliar produce to the remarkable array of packaged seafood, rice, sauce, and noodles, Heidi answers all your culinary questions and shares cooking tips along the way. Heidi’s extensive knowledge of Asian food makes her Culinary Tours a must for any food enthusiast.

~ Chef Denise Marchessault, Owner of French Mint, Victoria, BC

Heidi did an amazing job of making sense of shopping in Chinatown. Now I am comfortable and confident shopping in the various stores and I know where to find ingredients unique to Thai cooking. This tour is a must for anyone looking to cook authentic Thai food at home.

~ Carolyn Henson, Victoria, BC

I was unaware of the fabulous food options available in Victoria’s Chinatown until I participated in one of Chef Heidi Fink’s culinary tours. She labeled unfamiliar vegetables and mystery packages, sharing hot tips about food prep along the way. Sampling opportunities took the guess work out of a few prepared food items, and the wealth of information shared verbally was supplemented by her fact-packed handout. This tour would be on my “highly recommended” list for anyone who is looking for unique ingredients at great prices! It is a wonderful addition to her outstanding ethnic food cooking classes.

~ Myrna M. Fisher, Sidney, BC

Heidi’s tour was the first time I have spent any time in the Chinatown shops and I definitely felt like I was exploring, but with having a hands-on expert right there! She was extremely knowledgeable on the subject of Asian food. There was not one question that she could not answer, often going into some depth in order to provide more than just a simple answer. The knowledge she so readily imparts makes her teaching very enjoyable. She doesn’t guard chef ‘secrets’; she seems happy to share all that she knows and can impart.

~ Collette C., Saanich, BC

Heidi’s Chinatown Tour was very informative. She answered all of the questions I had and even questions I didn’t know I had!

~ Bev M, Victoria, BC


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