Because I want gold in 2010

April 15, 2010
damn straight
damn straight

In 2009, I won best cooking classes in the city in the annual Victoria Best in the City awards. It was the first year that there had been a cooking class category and I was honoured to have won. Especially since it was all decided by reader votes. (And especially since I felt I deserved it – I work hard and have a teaching personality, gosh darn it. )

I would love to win again. But that won’t happen without votes from my students and fans. So please, get out there and vote!  The entry form is available on the Victoria news website. You must fill out at least 40 categories for your vote to count. It’s a fun 10 minutes, thinking of your favourite dog walking park and the best burgers and photo finishers in town.  All these hard-working businesses deserve our support and our praise.

thanks, y’all.

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