Third Annual Rancho Vignola Giveaway

November 19, 2014

If I wanted to, I could sum up this post in three words: New Crop Nuts. Or in seven: never eat another rancid supermarket nut again.

Rancho Vignola, the company that is sponsoring this week’s giveaway, is hands-down the best company for super-fresh nuts and dried fruit, shipped directly after the harvest. And I’m not saying this because RV is sponsoring a giveaway. Regular blog readers will know that I have been a fan of Rancho for a long time, starting well before I even had a blog. Their products are simply fantastic.

Every fall of the last nine years, I have been ordering a direct shipment of new crop nuts and dried fruits from Rancho Vignola. I do this for many reasons. Because their products are fantastic. Because I love the taste of truly fresh almonds, walnuts, and pistachios, and of stellar dates and dried cherries. Because it makes me happy to fill my children’s growing bellies with the healthiest high-protein snack around. Because I love to support sustainable farming practices, local companies, and direct trade marketing.

Some of you already know all about RV and have tried their amazing products. The rest of you will get a chance to sample their products in person at one of their many Harvest Events around BC and Alberta. And for the first time ever, there will be a Harvest Event on Vancouver Island!!! I’m excited! I’ll be there, doing three cooking demos, giving out samples, and eating a ton of nuts while I am at it.

Now for the even more exciting part! For the third year in a row, Rancho Vignola is sponsoring a giveaway on my blog. One of my lucky readers will win a gift basket of Rancho products, valued at $100. The contest is posted a few weeks earlier than usual this year, to match up with the South Island Harvest Event. The winner has the option of picking up the basket during the Harvest Event on November 28 or 29, or having the basket shipped to them.

The $100 Basket Contest Rules:

To qualify for delivery, you must have a Canadian shipping address. Enter the draw in one of three ways:
(1) comment on this post
(2) post to my facebook fanpage
(3) tweet with the hashtag #RVgiveaway to @chefheidifink

Giveaway ends by midnight, Monday, November 25th, and a winner will be announced Wednesday, November 27th. That’s less than one week, folks!

(Non-winners will be very happy to note that Rancho Vignola’s December online Harvest Event is coming soon. No minimum order required! So, if this has piqued your interest, and you can’t make it to any of the Harvest Event locations, you can order some to try.)

Comments (67)

  1. These nuts sound so indescribably delicious! I would love to win some… thanks for offering this again this year, and hope to win!

  2. Heidi! So kind of you to offer a contest again… I love hearing testimonials from you, it is a risk free way of finding great stuff! I would be nuts not to enter the contest!

  3. Thanks for your posts as well as this opportunity, perhaps this’ll be my lucky year. I’ve just recently moved to Victoria so hope to attend the Harvet event.

  4. I’m a nut addict and need to try these Vignola specialties! I’d love to put my name in the hat. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  5. I agree 100% with Heidi about the quality of Rancho Vignola products. I first started to order with a group in Field BC and now enjoy receiving our order in Golden along with a few friends here. It is an exciting pre-Christmas event when the order comes in.Time to get baking!

    We will continue to introduce folks here to Rancho Vignola – and Heidi Fink’s blog!

    Cheers from Golden

  6. I have never, ever had a better pistachio or dried apricot that the ones sold by Rancho Vignola. Can`t wait to get more next weekend at Mary Winspear or…..maybe by winning this contest :)

  7. Rancho Vignola’s ginger is amazing and so is everything else I’ve tried. I plan to stock up in Sidney next weekend.

  8. I, too, have been ordering from Rancho Vignola for several years. I have 8 boxes coming as I type this! Hands down the best fruits and nuts I’ve ever eaten. And I love the organic offerings especially. Thanks for the opportunity, Heidi (PS I love your newsletters!)

  9. You’ve got me intrigued to try out their nuts and dried fruits. I’ve never had them before, but might just head to the harvest event next weekend!

  10. What a fantastic concept! Thanks, Heidi, for sponsoring such a delicious sounding basket. My fingers and toes are crossed!

  11. I love these nuts (am I allowed to day that?:)! I am grieving that I didn’t get in on the bulk order this year.

  12. I love RV’s products – so fresh. My sister used to ask for (and get!) a 5lb bag of dried mango as a Christmas present each year… Maybe I should do it again this year!

  13. Thank you Heidi, for the opportunity to win this great contest again this year! I’m a huge fan of the Rancho Vignolo products I’ve been able to try. I look forward to going out to Sidney to sample some new ones and stock up! See you there.

  14. Looked @ their website and luckily they are in Alberta tomorrow, Nov 21st!!!
    I will try to get to Airdrie Ab. to try some .
    Thanks Heidi, for the “Heads Up”!!!!
    They sound Awesome and Heidi, I trust “Your” taste, 100%.

  15. Ohhh, a Harvest Event in Sidney! I live in Sidney! I’ll be sure to attend. And I would LOVE to be the winner of a basket of RV products. I love to use dried and fruit to make awesome goodies to pass around. Thanks for this opportunity Heidi! I hope to catch you during one of your cooking demos in Sidney.

  16. Thanks Heidi! and thanks to Rancho Vignola folks too!
    Their hazlenuts are The Best I’ve ever had and their dried fruit’s d-lish too. Happy that they’re coming to the island this year. yay!

  17. These are The Best nuts and fruit anywhere. Thanks Heidi and thanks too to the folks at Rancho Vignola for offering the contest again (cool!) and for coming to the island! Now it’s starting to feel like Christmas is a-comin.

  18. Thanks for the chance to win this delicious basket Heidi! I read about RV on your blog last year and ordered some to try and they were amazing! We tried almonds, dried mango and a trail mix. No comparison! Hope to make it out when they’re here in Victoria-thanks for the info!

  19. ooh, i’d love to try a basket of Rancho Vignola out. you have certainly praised them before and i keep forgetting about them. whoever wins is gonna love them, i am sure.

  20. Absolutely love Rancho Vignola nuts, fruits and other goodies. We are lucky to be able to place an order every Fall with our local SDA church group who put in a huge bulk order each year. Thanks for having the giveaway. Good luck to all entering.

  21. While I eagerly await the arrival of my nut order, I will also be attending RV’s Harvest Event in Sidney to try a few items that did not make onto my order. What are your demo times?

  22. I have not yet experienced Rancho Vignola products but have been following your blog for a long time and will love to be able to buy their products. Sidney is where I shop and live close to…nice not to have to drive to Victoria. Looking forward to the Harvest Event.

  23. I was thrilled to learn that RV will be on the island!!! Their nuts and fruits are fabulous. See you there! And, please enroll me in the giveaway contest. Thank you!!

  24. I wouldn’t know about this great company and product if it weren’t for you–thanks, Heidi, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that I win this draw!

  25. I’ve never tried their products before and would be interested to see how they are better. Nice to see that they are coming to Sidney; I will pop out on the weekend. Thanks for having the contest.

  26. I tasted fresh hazelnuts a few years ago from a farm on the Penisula and could not believe his different they tasted from anything in the store…bring in the fresh nuts!!!

  27. Many years ago I had tried some Macadamia nuts a friend got from Rancho Vignola and they were fantastic! I’d love to to enter this draw.

  28. I would love to try some of their wonderful products especially since you have highly recommended them. They must be excellent!!!

  29. I have been so excited for two reasons…
    1. discovering your blog after taking one of your courses and
    2. reading previous posts and learning about the RV event coming to Victoria and your giveaway! wahoo so exciting. I am so excited to try there selection of nuts!

  30. so good to get a source for fresh nuts, so many people have never had the pleasure as rancid nuts are the norm in most supermarkets. thanks, Heidi

  31. I’m sorry to say that all previous nut-related experiences have been confined to the stale, grocery-store variety. What does a fresh, delicious nut taste like? I’m *longing* to know! And what a fun way to find out! Thank you.

  32. I love your blog Heidi,
    Would love to win this.
    Will be attending this weekend irregardless, fantastic that they will be here.

  33. What a wonderful and generous way to try so many of the products, literally in one basket. Thanks for the opportunity Heidi. Happy holidays!

  34. Wonderful contest i’m sure it well be fun a variety of nuts dried fruits and more in a single basket i’m sure it well be a successful event.

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