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Mexican Cooking Classes

For a truly delicious Mexican feast, look no further. Authentic ingredients and updated cooking techniques combine to produce a fun, flavour-packed cooking class. The fresh taste of real Mexican tacos, along with my straightforward recipes, will have you rushing to host a taco party at home.

Taco Party: Online

With an online platform, learn how to make homemade, from-scratch tacos step-by-step from the comfort of your own home kitchen. During this two-hour virtual class, we will make soft corn tortillas with a delicious chicken taco filling, and fresh green salsa. Learn professional cooking tips, how to buy, store and use Mexican ingredients, and eat a delicious meal at the end!
This live online class comes with a recipe handout, shopping list, equipment list, and recording of the class to review. The recipe handout included in the class will include a few bonus recipes to try the next time you make tacos at home.

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