Authentic Indian Cooking Classes

Committed to the pursuit of authentic Indian home cooking for more than 20 years, I love to cook, eat, and teach Indian cuisine. My Indian cooking classes reflect both my passion for authentic Indian flavours and my love of fresh, straightforward food. In each class, I will clarify the complex world of Indian spices and show you how to use the right cooking techniques to get the best flavour from Indian ingredients. After only one class, you will be able to cook delicious Indian food at home!

Authentic Indian Cuisine

Unlock the flavours of truly authentic Indian cuisine! Inspired by my travels in India, this class is perfect for those who love curry but can never make their curries taste "right". In class, I will focus on the key techniques that make vibrant, full-bodied Indian food. Highlights of tonight’s menu include lentil dahl, fresh green chutney, homemade curry powder, fragrant chicken curry with basmati rice and much more.

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