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Lemon Feather Cake for Easter (gluten free)

Combining light-as-a-feather gluten-free lemon sponge cake with luscious lemon curd makes this dessert the perfect finish to a big holiday meal.

Apr 8, 2012


Operation Freezer: the Best and Worst of Week One (with bonus recipe)

I have a problem that I like to call my Freezer Issue – I put food in my freezer but almost never take …

Jan 9, 2012

Cooking in Season

Homemade Eggnog (Non-Traditional)

On Christmas Eve, I have a personal tradition of staying up after everyone else has gone to bed …

Dec 23, 2011


Rhubarb Custard Bars

Rhubarb custard bars are the all-time most popular recipe on my blog, and for good reason. The tart rhubarb plays perfectly against the sweet buttery crust and smooth vanilla custard. To die for!

May 25, 2011

Cooking in Season

Wild Nettle-kopita

A springtime favourite, Spanakopita made with wild nettles instead of spinach = Nettlekopita. I’m sure the Greeks would …

Apr 18, 2011


Cheese Puffs to Die For, courtesy of French Mint

Almost the very best thing about attending a cooking class at French Mint is the warm gougere you …

Feb 25, 2011


Bittersweet Chocolate Taste-Off

Here’s my problem:  I like to use the phrase “business write-off” to justify lots of impulsive food purchases. …

Feb 5, 2011


Homemade Christmas Stollen

Thanks to my German heritage, I grew up watching my mother make stollen every December. The slices of marzipan-filled …

Dec 23, 2010

My Life in Food

Hallowe’en Fun Food

“The raspberry can be blood… and the gooseberry can be guts… Right, Mom?” this, out of the mouth of my …

Oct 31, 2010


Maple Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving

Make the best pecan pie ever for Thanksgiving. Just sweet enough, with a crisp golden crust and the rich flavour of toasted nuts and real maple syrup, this pecan pie is a cut above the rest.

Oct 10, 2010


Spider Cake

I do think birthday parties should be all about the food, and especially all about homemade cake. But, much to my children’s disappointment, I draw the line at shaped cakes. But my resolve was broken this year when I agreed to make my youngest son a spider-shaped cake for his 5th birthday.

Feb 6, 2010