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Cooking in Season

Homemade Eggnog (Non-Traditional)

On Christmas Eve, I have a personal tradition of staying up after everyone else has gone to bed …

Dec 23, 2011


Coronation Grape Clafouti

Clafouti is the kind of word, I swear, that chefs love to use to cast a veil of …

Sep 19, 2011

Cooking in Season

Farm Fresh Lasagne

“Fresh” is not the first word that comes to my mind when I think of lasagne. But a stay …

Aug 8, 2011

Cooking in Season

Smothered Pork Chops with Apple

The other night, I made the yummiest and best smothered pork chops with apple for dinner. My two kids …

Jan 25, 2011

Cooking in Season

Pasta For a Winter’s Night

This is about the time in the winter holiday when even turkey soup has palled. We need something different, maybe spicy, …

Dec 29, 2010


Homemade Christmas Stollen

Thanks to my German heritage, I grew up watching my mother make stollen every December. The slices of marzipan-filled …

Dec 23, 2010


Maple Pecan Pie for Thanksgiving

Make the best pecan pie ever for Thanksgiving. Just sweet enough, with a crisp golden crust and the rich flavour of toasted nuts and real maple syrup, this pecan pie is a cut above the rest.

Oct 10, 2010


Moist and Fluffy Kefir Pancakes

  This rainy Labour Day morning most definitely called for pancakes. Notice I am not admitting that it …

Sep 6, 2010

My Life in Food

Dinner Blues and some tasty Crispy Broiled Chicken

Tonight is a good example of how things don’t always go smoothly in Chef Heidi’s kitchen. It was …

Sep 2, 2010

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