(Not my) Pantry of Shame

April 26, 2011

Only the promise of new friends convinced me to share a picture of my pantry with the world. No one needs to see, or should see, my pantry. I barely look in there myself.

That is possibly why it is such a mess.

But since I hit the ‘send’ button on my picture of shame, I am in a tizzy to share more sordid details from my behind-the-scenes cooking life. Hold me back before I show off my useless jar collection, or my accumulated mess of stale Indian lentils!

Deep breaths. I think that, before I get too carried away, I should share on my blog a picture of a pantry collection that I am actually proud of, one that reflects the real me in all my organized glory (ahem). Behold, my Spice Bin!

This bin comes with me to almost every cooking class I teach.  I keep it (mostly) very clean and organized and regularly topped up with fresh spices. The jars are all labeled, and the things inside the jars are actually the same as the name on the label!

I am proud of this bin for all the reasons listed above, but also because it is a treasure trove of awesomeness. Any spice you can think of, my bin has got it, and it’s fresh. Fennel seeds? Got it. Asafeotida? Yup. Dried chipotle? Of course! Mexican oregano? Tarragon? Black pepper? Saffron? Yes, yes, yes, YES.

Epazote? Do you even have to ask anymore?

I love to gloat over my spice bin sometimes. It’s like a cook’s fantasy, made real. I could maybe even feature it in a food porn, ah, thing of some kind. Whatever. Work with me here. Go go go go Spice Bin!

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