Feast of Fields Panic

September 18, 2010

fall bounty 

Twice this week, my Facebook status update has been “AAAAAAAAAAAACK!”. No joke. One of my friends helpfully mentioned that I should really have put an ‘F’ in front of that, and she’s right.

As the owner of a tiny independant business, and as a one-woman show, I really need to think twice about taking on big events. I’m not well-supplied with, well, anything. I don’t have helpful stuff like  regular access to a commercial kitchen, or an account with a wholesale food distributor, or, say, a staff (wouldn’t that be nice?). I’m also low on handy bits such as tablecloths, buffet platters and serving utensils. Everytime I cook for a big event, I go through an insane logistical hassle, trying to coordinate, beg, borrow, or rent all the things that I need to pull it off, only to discover the night before that I can’t fit everything in my little hatchback. Basically, it’s crazy-making and hugely stressful and I swear  never to do it again.

So it comes as no surprise to those who know me that only four months after serving 1200 pieces of food at Defending Our Backyard, I am gearing up to participate as a chef in the Feast of Fields. One sheep farm, sixty participating chef and wineries, 600 tickets, and 1000 pieces of food for each chef to make and give out.  Yes, the Feast of Fields is pretty much awesome, and an awesome undertaking for a girl who is low in staff and supplies, but loaded with children, university courses, and work. 

So no, I definitely did not cry (ahem) at the printer’s yesterday at 5 pm when I found out that my brochures were crooked and unfixable. This, after a day of running all over town trying to rent or buy things like black tablecloths, chef’s jackets (undelivered), brochure racks, serving platters, squeeze bottles, extra buffet tables and food-safe transportation devices. Blerg.

Nevertheless, I am going to the Feast and I am bringing amazing food and I am excited about it. I’ll be one of the few offering a vegetarian treat: Moroccan-spiced Roasted Vegetables (from Saanich Organics) on a ghee-soaked wheat crisp, topped with fresh mint chutney. It’s going to be gooooooood.

From blubbering in public to hopeful and  excited – my friends have pulled me through. After my second consecutive Facebook ‘AAAAAAAAACK!’, the offers for help started to roll in. Everyone (except me) seems to know that I take too much on, but they are rooting for me nonetheless. I have a great crew of volunteers who have been helping me through my mini-crisis. You’ll get a chance to meet most of them tomorrow. (A shout out to my crew, I couldn’t do it without you: Dougal the power chopper, Laura, Collette, Nathalie, Steph, and Sandy, my last minute saving-angel-errand-girl!)

We’re going to have a great time tomorrow at the Feast. We are going to bask in the glory-mix of delicious food, local music, and frantic adrenaline. We are going to eat and enjoy every bite. And we are going to give out 1000 pieces of fantabulous food, with a smile. I’ll save the tears and the (F)”AAAAAAAAAAAACK!” for afterwards, I promise.

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  1. I’ll be there too. and we’re bringing dessert. No one ever brings dessert to these things. :) I have baby apple galettes (“No dish apple pie”). Chris Moehr picked 80lbs of apple for me, the wheat is from Tom Henry, both in Metchosin. There’s a little bit of Red Dawn cheese from Hilary, and a wee drop of thyme infused honey from Babe’s. I have more than 1100, and we’ll be serving them warm.

    Come say hi!

  2. All this and you judged a pie contest yesterday! Hope it goes well Heidi. Wish I could be there to partake of your veggie gourmet food and the apple pie too. I don’t go to FoF as it is not worth my $ as a vegetarian. Oh well, someday!

  3. Allison, it’s too bad you didn’t go this year because it was actually a great year for vegetarians. Aside from my thing, there was an awesome sprouted lentil curry made by The Locals from the Comox Valley; there were 2 different vegetarian pizzas; some veggie bruschetta with mozzarella di buffela; breads, seasonal vegetables, lots of desserts. One vegetarian friend of mine said: “I’m actually full!”

  4. Agreed! I was very surprised to see so many vegetarian options and desserts too! I guess I must retract my statement about people never bringing dessert as lots of people did. :)

    Back to pork belly next year I guess.

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